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3F 7-9-5 Roppongi, Tokyo

Yukata Dressing Lesson & Bon Odori "Tokyo Ondo"

Yukata Dressing Lesson & Japanese Summer Festival Dance (Bon Odori) Lesson This Lesson's Festival: "Tokyo Ondo"

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Yukata Dressing Lesson & Bon Odori "Tokyo Ondo"
Yukata Dressing Lesson & Bon Odori "Tokyo Ondo"

Time & Location

2024年7月28日 15:00 – 17:00

3F 7-9-5 Roppongi, Tokyo

About the event

Learn Yukata Dressing with Professional Dancer Umewaka Shizuaya

Experience the essentials of kimono dressing by learning how to wear a yukata, a traditional Japanese summer garment, in just one session. Under the expert guidance of Umewaka Shizuaya, a professional dancer, you will not only master the art of yukata dressing but also immerse yourself in traditional Japanese manners and movements.

What You Will Learn:

- Yukata Dressing Fundamentals: Gain hands-on experience in putting on a yukata, understanding its structure, and learning the proper techniques to ensure a perfect fit.


- Traditional Manners and Movements: Learn the cultural significance behind the kimono and yukata, including the etiquette and graceful movements associated with wearing these garments.


- Kimono Etiquette: Delve into the nuances of kimono etiquette, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of this beautiful tradition.

- Bon Odori Dance: Practice and perform the Bon Odori, a traditional Japanese folk dance typically performed during summer festivals. This will not only help you enjoy the cultural aspect but also enable you to practice the movements you've learned.

Join us for an enriching session that combines practical skills with cultural education, all led by the accomplished Umewaka Shizuaya. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, this session offers a comprehensive introduction to the world of yukata and kimono.


- Instructor: Umewaka Shizuaya, Professional Dancer

- Focus: Yukata Dressing, Traditional Manners, and Movements

- Additional Activity: Learning Bon Odori

Embrace the elegance of Japanese culture and leave with the confidence to wear a yukata properly, along with a deeper appreciation for the traditions that accompany it.

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