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3F 7-9-5 Roppongi, Tokyo

Experience the Art of Japanese Calligraphy

Design Your Own Uchiwa with Reiko Oyama

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Experience the Art of Japanese Calligraphy
Experience the Art of Japanese Calligraphy

Time & Location

2024年6月23日 15:00 – 17:00

3F 7-9-5 Roppongi, Tokyo

About the event

Ready to dive into the heart of Japanese culture? We’re excited to introduce our special guest for the upcoming workshop: the amazing Japanese calligrapher, Reiko Oyama. Come and explore the beautiful and expressive world of Japanese calligraphy with an expert who turns writing into a captivating art form.

Meet Reiko Oyama: A Japanese Calligraphy Virtuoso

Reiko Oyama grew up in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, in a family of calligraphers that spans three generations. She started learning calligraphy as a child, inspired by her talented parents. For the past 50 years, Reiko has dedicated her life to mastering and teaching this incredible art.

More Than Just Calligraphy

Reiko isn’t just a calligrapher. In 1989, she founded Arc Design Co., Ltd., and has worked on designing stores, offices, homes, hospitals, and even hotels. She was the interior designer for the Yuasa Merchandise Museum in Kamakura, now an important cultural property.

A Master TeacherReiko studied under two famous calligraphy masters and is a judge for the Japan Calligraphy Art Academy. She leads the Harue Calligraphy School and has hosted many exhibitions showcasing her creative works. She’s also pioneering a new approach called "Air Calligraphy," combining calligraphy with physical and spiritual exercises to unlock inner potential.

What You’ll ExperienceOur workshop is a rare chance to learn from Reiko Oyama herself. Whether you’re a seasoned calligrapher or a total beginner, Reiko will inspire and guide you.

Workshop Schedule

- 15:00 ~ 15:15 - Introductions: Meet Reiko and introduce yourselves.

- 15:15 ~ 15:35 - What is Air Calligraphy?: Discover Air Calligraphy and the power of words.

- 15:35 ~ 15:45 - First Writing Exercise: Write on rice paper to see your starting point.

- 15:45 ~ 16:05 - Air Calligraphy Practice: Try Air Calligraphy and a fun light work exercise.

- 16:05 ~ 16:15 - Second Writing Exercise: Write again to see your improvement.

- 16:15 ~ 16:40 - Writing on Uchiwa: Practice calligraphy on a traditional Japanese fan.

- 16:40 ~ 17:00 - Sharing Time: Share your experiences and thoughts.

Why You Should Join UsThis workshop is more than just learning to write beautifully. It’s about experiencing a piece of Japanese culture passed down through generations. You’ll gain new skills, find peace, focus, and creativity, all in a fun and supportive setting.Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the best calligraphers around. Whether you want to deepen your artistic skills, pick up a new hobby, or just enjoy a day of cultural immersion, our workshop with Reiko Oyama is perfect for you.

Date: June 23, 2024

Time: 3PM-5PM

Location:  KizunaFiesta, 3F 7-9-5 Roppongi, Tokyo

Come experience the magic of Japanese calligraphy with Reiko Oyama. 

We can’t wait to see you at the workshop!


15:00 ~ 15:15

自己紹介 皆様の自己紹介

15:15 ~ 15:35

Air 書道とは

Air 書道の効果 言葉の力

15:35 ~ 15:45

半紙に書 (ビフォー アフターの実験)

15:45 ~ 16:05

Air 書道 実践

光のワーク (心理学ワーク)

16:05 ~ 16:15

半紙に書 (アフターの実験)

16:15 ~ 16:40

うちわ に書いてみよう!

15:40 ~ 17:00


What is Air Shodo?

ことばで大地を踏みしめ 宙(そら)に全身で書く




思い ことば 行動の一致で


Tread the earth with your words

Dance with your whole being in the air

As your pen finds its final mark

A golden dawn embraces you

Instantly exhilaration washes over you

Let your thoughts, phrases, and actions soar

Manifest your dreams

Let your visions come alive

More about the Instructor | Reiko Oyama

Air Japanese Calligraphy





  • Air Shodo | Uchiwa Making

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