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Embrace the Tea Ceremony in Yukata

Discover the Art of Japanese Tea Ceremony in Traditional Yukata

Embrace the Tea Ceremony in Yukata
Embrace the Tea Ceremony in Yukata

Time & Location

2024年8月25日 15:00 – 17:00 JST

KizunaFiesta, 3F 7-9-5 Roppongi, Tokyo

About the event

August Workshop: "Embrace the Tea Ceremony in Yukata!" 

Discover the Art of Japanese Tea Ceremony in Traditional Yukata


Have you ever wondered how experiencing a tea ceremony in Western clothing differs from a traditional kimono? The secret lies in the movements! Everyday gestures take on new elegance and mindfulness when performed in a kimono, with the graceful sway of the sleeves guiding each action.

In this workshop, you'll learn the beauty of handling objects carefully and the refined gestures unique to the tea ceremony. You’ll also delve into the heart of Japanese hospitality, known as Omotenashi no Kokoro.

 Workshop Highlights (90-120 minutes) 

1. Self-Introduction

  • A brief introduction to get to know each other.

2. Yukata Dressing (40 minutes)

  • Discover how easy and enjoyable it is to wear a yukata.
  • Learn to tie a cute obi knot and embrace the elegance of traditional attire.

3. Tea Ceremony Experience (60 minutes)

  • Begin by learning the proper way to drink green tea.
  • Master the use of chopsticks while savoring delicious sweets.
  • Observe a traditional table tea ceremony and enjoy the serene experience of matcha tea.
  • Finally, try your hand at making matcha yourself—can you create the perfect cup?

Join us for an unforgettable journey into the world of Japanese tea ceremony, where tradition meets tranquility. Embrace the beauty, elegance, and mindfulness that come with this timeless practice, all while dressed in a beautiful yukata.



Message from the Instructor: Hinako Enomoto - Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangement, and Kimono: Japanese Culture Classes at Waraifu, Founder

Discover the Serenity of the Tea Ceremony with Waraifu

In today's fast-paced world, finding moments of tranquility is essential. At Waraifu, we invite you to step away from the chaos and rediscover peace through the art of the tea ceremony. Inspired by the philosophy of "Life of Harmony" and the belief that "a heart filled with laughter is a heart at peace," Waraifu was created to bring joy and serenity into your life.

 A Personal Journey to Peace 

My childhood was filled with nightly arguments between my parents, leaving me terrified and yearning for calm. Bullying in junior high school deepened my despair, leading to sudden hearing loss. Life seemed unbearable until a high school etiquette class introduced me to traditional Japanese practices. Learning the simple rituals of walking on tatami mats and handling sliding doors brought unexpected relief and marked a turning point in my life.

 The Healing Power of the Tea Ceremony 

A pivotal moment came during a high school trip to England. Our guide asked, "What do you know about Japanese culture?" Ashamed by my lack of knowledge, I resolved to immerse myself in my heritage. I began studying the tea ceremony as soon as I started working.

Despite my exhaustion from work, the tea ceremony became my sanctuary. The act of making tea erased my pain and frustration, filling me with peace and joy. This calming effect has kept me devoted to the practice for over a decade.

 The Essence of the Tea Ceremony 

The tea ceremony is a profound expression of care and compassion. Every gesture, from preparing and serving the tea to the final sip, is an act of consideration for others. This environment of kindness and respect soothes the heart and quiets the mind, embodying the deep spirit of Yamato.

 Sharing the Spirit of the Tea Ceremony 

Through the tea ceremony, I discovered a deep appreciation for life's beauty and a renewed sense of self. This profound peace is what I aim to share through Waraifu. Our tea ceremony classes and events are designed to help you cherish and express yourself while fostering a sense of harmony with others.

 Waraifu Offerings 

At Waraifu, we offer a variety of ways to experience the tea ceremony:

  • Tea Ceremony Classes: Available for both locals and foreigners at hotels and other venues.
  • Seasonal Tea Events: Such as the Soe-gama tea ceremony at Hosenji Temple and tea tastings in historic homes.
  • Lectures and Seminars: On lifelong activities inspired by tea ceremony practices.

We began teaching in 2011, launched the Waraifu YouTube Channel in 2020, and started offering online tea ceremony classes. Our mission is to create spaces where you can relax, rediscover yourself, and embrace the harmony at the heart of the tea ceremony.

Join us at Waraifu, where we believe that peace begins with a single bowl of tea. Let's cultivate a world of understanding and tranquility together.


  • Lesson Fee

    Sale ends: 8月23日 17:00 JST

    Yukata rental fee is add-on. If you have your own yukata, please bring it.

  • Yukata Rental (Add-on)

    Sale ends: 8月23日 17:00 JST



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